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The Compact Cassette

Informative Website

This is a website that I designed using Wix, and it also served the purpose of showcasing a project that I completed for a DTC course. After researching an 'artifact' we were tasked with writing a research paper on it, and then to digitize our findings.

Link to full site.

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2020 Crop Report

Blog Post / Photo Editing

Yakima Valley Hops

Another project that I completed during my internship at Yakima Valley Hops, this blog post was cultivated with the intention of informing individuals about the nature of growing hops. It features multiple interviews and photos throughout it, created by myself with the assistance of my mentors at YVH. The first three photos within the blog post were shot and edited solely by me. 

Link to full work.


The Kiln Website

Homepage and Beer Menu

The Kiln Taproom

Created using Squarespace, this website was already mostly assembled when I joined the team at the Kiln. However, this website has undergone thorough design changes, such as the integration of the 'Untappd' beer menu, as well as frequent updates to our online food menu which is heavily relied on for call-in TOGO orders.

Link to full website.

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